Endowment Life Insurance

Everyone wants to make plans for the nearest future and save money for it.

Today, “Ateshgah Life” Insurance Company offers Endowment Life Insurance, that can solve lots of financial problems.

After the conclusion of insurance contract, citizen’ll make payment from his income in accordance with the law. Upon expiration of insurance contract he’ll receive his savings with extra earnings.

The main advantage of Endowment Life Insurance is using tax and social insurance benefits.

Life insurance provides both financial benefits and family life insurance in the event of death or disability.

Endowment Life Insurance ensure both financial benefits and family life insurance in the case of death or disability.


Benefits of the program

Adding the annual investment income to the income earmarked for savings insurance.
In the event of an insured event (death or disability) from the beginning of the term of the contract, the insurance company pays the full insurance amount to the beneficiary.
The ability to store funds in any currency (AZN and US dollar).