Our Mission

With reliable financial protection of the population and business by acquiring the latest professional knowledge
to provide.


Our Vision

Thanks to innovations, to remain a leader in the financial sector, to preserve the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, to get used to it for the sake of a prosperous and ecologically clean future of our country.


Our principles

Customer service –  Creating additional customer flow and additional revenue opportunities for the company in order to understand and satisfy customer needs

Teamwork – achieving the set goals by involving not one person but a group of work in the process 

Investment in human capital –  Investing in the quality parameters of a person, first of all, in his workforce (level of education, mental development, creative potential, motivation system, etc.)

Responsibility to society – staff and guests  to ensure their safety and comfort, to support the local economy, to preserve the natural, cultural and social conditions that the company is accustomed to

Innovativeness – to apply innovations that ensure the effective development of business processes and insurance products created in accordance with market demand


In order to implement the quality policy of the Company, taking into account the above, the following directions were determined by the management on the basis of the development strategy:

Achieving set financial indicators, taking into account customer requirements and expectations;

Increasing the effectiveness and competitiveness of the Company's activities, taking into account the interests of customers, shareholders and employees;

Consumers' current and prospective demands and expectations, their insurance company's service and  systematic analysis of satisfaction with insurance products, development of new insurance products according to customer requirements;

Continuous development of existing business processes, automation and development of new business processes;

Ensuring the fulfillment and continuous effectiveness of the quality control system based on ISO 9001:2015 international standards and the requirements of local legislation;

“Armistice” In increasing the services provided by the Company and improving the company's activities     continuous training and increasing the competence of the participating personnel;

Building mutually beneficial relationships with partners/suppliers based on cooperation and trust.